Xenotransplants animal to human organ transplants essay

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Case - Xenotransplantation of Pig Lungs

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Xenotransplantation Ethics and History

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study of the many types of xenotransplantation

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Pig hearts may save human lives: researchers

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Xenotransplants may also be less susceptible to infection by human pathogens because animal organs frequently exhibit species-specific resistance to infection by many common human pathogens.

For example, neither human hepatitis B nor HIV-1 is capable of infecting baboons or presumably pigs (94). World Animal Net is the “world’s largest network of animal protection societies.” Use their directory to find out about campaigns, petitions, and groups in your country that support the welfare of transgenic and other research animals.

Human organ and tissue transplantation (allotransplantation) is common surgery in the United States. The procedure is carried out in order to save the lives of individuals suffering organ failure and serious disease.

Examples of this include kidney, heart, liver, and lung transplants. The transplantation of porcine organs to humans could in the future be a solution to the worldwide organ shortage, but is to date still highly experimental.

A final issue concerns a possible alternative solution to the problem of finding human organs for transplantation, something still very much in the experimental stage, namely xenotransplants, that is, organ transplants from other animal species.

Jul 16,  · Number 7 doesn’t seem necessary or quite like it fits. For one thing, the differences between a parrot and a human toddler are considerable.

Genetically modified organism Xenotransplants animal to human organ transplants essay
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study of the many types of xenotransplantation